Imagine this: It’s the week before Valentine’s Day (or any holiday!) and you haven’t gotten a single thing. Uh oh. You hop onto your computer, open the internet browser, and type “best gifts for [descriptor]” into the search bar. 844,000,000 hits! As you scroll, you notice items from all over the world from websites you’ve never seen, and of course, the major corporation you can’t support for ethical reasons. Suddenly, you find yourself with a computer virus and two orders of knock-off AirPods charged to your card by accident.

Your Valentine deserves to be dazzled, though, right?

Countless people struggle to narrow down the seemingly endless array of items on the internet. No one wants to resort to clichés or tropes, which is why I’m sharing my top five secrets to achieving a WOW factor on every occasion.

1. Your gift should be FULL of love

Thoughtfulness is the number one goal here. It’s important to remember that our friends and family are complex individuals with unique desires and wishes. When looking for gifts, take a moment to consider the likes, needs, and interests of your recipient. You can be as creative as you want.

If buying for several people, write your ideas down to avoid getting everyone the same thing; it can take the fun out of giving and receiving, which is a loss for everybody. After all, what’s the point of giving if it isn’t for love’s sake?

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2. Switch it up with surprise

What did you get them last time? And the time before that? Always keep them guessing what it could be this time. Whether you’re gifting accessories or a Caribbean cruise, adding the element of surprise will likely get you the reaction you want. Some people we know well can still be (almost) impossible to shop for, and if we’re giving all year round, we can exhaust all our best ideas!

One way to take the pressure off yourself is by letting them give you a wishlist, and then you can still surprise them! GiftRibbn will help you narrow down your choices by letting your recipient choose what they want. Easy!

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3. Consider an experience

 If your loved one has a love for travel, theater, festivals, wineries, sports, movies, or anything involving tickets, lucky you! That gives you A LOT of options to choose from. The gift of experience is not only impressive but usually the most memorable and special. This is why taking someone out for dinner or coffee is always so nice; you get food and a good time.

If you don’t intend on going out, then the same goes for restaurant gift cards! Add that to any gift and you’ll have a sweet package deal!

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4. Give them something that will last

I don’t know whose son or daughter needs to hear this, but nobody wants junk. Just like your love for the person you’re gifting, what you give should never go out of style. For example, if you’re into thrifting, books are a thoughtful choice. Why? Because your recipient can hold onto knowledge or imagery long after having read it, and they’ll think of you when they recall it. A piece of wall art that won’t fit in their apartment will just end up as junk, and that isn’t fair for anyone (especially the landfills).

This is why many people like to give houseplants. Try to give something that will last until the next occasion. The one exception here is flowers. They do die quickly, but nothing is sweeter than a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, alright?

Photo by Alexandra Gorn

5. Express how you feel

When you have infinite reasons to love someone, somehow it’s easy to forget to document the sheer number of emotions. From the moment you met, you created history. Remember how lucky you are to be a part of their life, and jot it down. No matter the occasion, nothing accompanies a gift quite like a heartfelt message. Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to get personalized handwritten cards sent to your family and friends from the convenience of your phone.

The beautiful simplicity of this meaningful gesture is timeless. Send love with Cardcraft this year for all your special occasions.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Madeline Goldman

Madeline Goldman

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