For married couples, special occasions may be relatively sparse between February and December. Aside from a possible birthday or anniversary, there are few gift-giving opportunities other than “just because.” However, at CardCraft, we wholeheartedly believe that “more is more,” and we like to focus on the minor holidays to show our loved ones how much we care.

The third Sunday of September marks Wife Appreciation Day. (Oh yes!)

Photo by James Hose

A wife is not just another lady. The moment you laid eyes on her, you knew she would be significant in your life, and you have since made your vows to protect one another in good times and in bad. She is your best friend, life partner, true love, and greatest supporter. While she may fulfill many other roles, this day is specifically to praise her for her loyal companionship. This is not about motherhood, nor is it about womanhood.

This is all about her love for you. And what on earth could be better than the unconditional love of a woman? I’ll wait.

Go ahead and grab that incredible bouquet at the farmer’s market. Write her a passionate heartfelt card (we can help with that). Get her a dazzling pair of earrings and take her out on the town.

The short answer: She deserves it.

Madeline Goldman

Madeline Goldman

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